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Top Venturer International Limited 大越傑樂國際有限公司

Pillar Spoke|Nipple|Bicycle|Carbon Frame|Rim|Hub|Handleba...

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Top Venturer International Limited(2015 Catalog)
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Top Venturer International Limited(2015 Catalog)

Top Venturer was founded in 2012 to fulfill diverse requirement from worldwide clients in bicycle market.  Key business scope includes aftermarket sales/distribution for Pillar spoke/nipple and VAXES carbon component distribution.  For Pillar spoke, we service from end-user to distributor with customized product and competitive pricing.  We collaborate with selected supplier based on tweaked or proprietary (molding) components for VAXES carbon range.  Solid and comprehensive knowledge in bike industry enable us to provide integrated service(including bike parts import/export) and product mix, particularly wheel product, as a one-stop solution.